The Assassin Who Couldn’t Dance by Glen Barrera (5 stars)

I sped through this action-packed thriller — Believable characters and a well-spun tale.

The story jumps from storyline / location to the next at a fast pace. The first character you’re introduced to is killed and then the second one almost killed. At about 5% into the novel, I thought everyone might die. But, I’m pleased to say this wasn’t the case. I expected the book to primarily focus on Hector, the assassin, but there were a number of key characters highlighted throughout the story. While Hector played a key role, there was far more to the tale. The story hinges on unethical behavior by a group of US military that prompted the chain of events leading to the present day conflict. As the novel progresses, the chain of events is explained and all of the seemingly random pieces fit into place.

The author developed believable characters, as I’ve noted above. While some do fit a familiar mold, there are traits of others that are fresh and new. I’m particularly pleased that Hector was unique in comparison to the stereotypical assassin.

The descriptions and dialogue flowed easily. I found myself able to picture the scenes without having to wade through excessive detail. The book stirs a number of emotions and is built on more than just action. While I made a close guess as to how the story would end, there were still some surprises in the wrapping up of loose ends.

If I had to list one item that might bother some readers, it would be the quick jumps at the beginning of the story. However, after a chapter or two, you’ll be comfortable with the characters and find the pace easy to follow.

In summary, I loved the story and the key characters. I look forward to the next one by this author.