Eros, the Voice of Reason (The Miyran Heir)

Let’s talk about Eros, another character from The Journey of the Marked and one of the marked youth. The book description includes a brief introduction to his journey and he appears in chapter one, along with a marked female (I’ll talk about her later). I recently discovered two readers who are taken with him. So, a bit more about him.

Twitter_snipFirst, he’s Human, so that part is simple. Outside of describing his blond, disorderly hair, most of what you learn about him is driven by his thoughts and actions. However, he’s the boy depicted on the cover of the novel (picture to the left — by my artist, EJ Wright). I’ll attach a second picture below (fan art), created by Heather L. McCray.

When Eros first arrives in the city, he encounters trouble with the Graeliths. He happens into an alley where a marked girl, Kenrya, is hiding and she saves his life. This begins their journey together…and the start of their troubles. Kenrya is cynical and stubborn, while Eros has a broader view of life.

ErosEros provides a calm perspective to most situations. His mother believed he would be marked, so she prepared him for this future. While he doesn’t consider himself a leader, he posses a confidence and reason that draws others to him. Well, all except for Kenrya.

While adult males guided him throughout his childhood, Eros was raised by a single mother. His mother never told him about his father, which surfaces early in the story. Part of the journey becomes his own self-discovery about his heritage and abilities.

Red WingsEros wants to protect his family and friends and their way of life. He finds honor in the mark. But, will he be able to leverage all his mother taught him and survive? Even more important to him, will he be able to protect his newly found friends?

About the Series…

I’m often asked what my book, The Journey of the Marked, is about. As this is the first book in The Miyran Heir series, I find it difficult to talk about one without the other. So, I thought I’d share some background on the underlying premise of the series.

As a starting part, let me share a little bit about my interests. I love fantasy/sci-fi, mysteries, and culturally-focused biographies. Fantasy/sci-fi stimulates my imagination. I like thinking about what could be and creating unique backdrops and possibilities. Mysteries provide a problem that needs to be solved, which intrigues me. Finally, I’m fascinated by cultural differences and the why behind cultural traditions. Influences from each of these can be found in my series.

At the very core of my story is persecution. However, I wanted to create a world where individuals are generally accepted regardless of appearance or belief. Each individual has different strengths and weaknesses, but each can contribute to the resolution of conflict or issues. Instead, I like the idea of playing with persecution based on age. It’s certainly not dissimilar to persecution based on race or religion; yet, I think it’s interesting to contemplate. While not immediately obvious in book one, readers will find a loose (and I emphasize loose) correlation to WWII as the series continues.

In addition to exploring persecution, I also wanted the story to be fun to read. Most of my characters are different species, but you’ll find their day-to-day issues are consistent with those we face here on Earth. You can easily find yourself lost in the journey and the various trials the marked ones face. You can laugh at their antics and cringe when the bad guys are close. Of course, all with a focus on solving the key question presented: Who is the next Miyran Heir?