Stirring the Imagination

I love to travel. There’s just something that fascinates me about new places. Whether I’m strolling through a city park, a thriving city, or the countryside, I consistently find beauty in the simplest of things. And why does that intrigue me? It sets my imagination in motion.

IMG_0580In the summer of 2015, I travelled to London with my family. As part of our London adventure, we visited the Harry Potter studios north of town. Do you recognize the picture on the left? This is the door from the vaults of Gringotts.

While I certainly noticed it in the movie, I didn’t appreciate how intricate and beautiful it is — the symmetry of the long, silver bars and composite of the pieces is stunning. I find myself lost in the details, imaging castles and eras long past. And yes, spurred by the indication of fantasy and realms unknown.

Red WingsOnce my imagination kicks in, I’m pulled back into my series, The Miyran Heir. I can feel the desperation, the fear… the hope. All it takes is a single image and I’m off wandering in my own world. I love that.