Kenrya — A tough beginning…

Kenrya is one of the two marked females in The Journey of the Marked. She starts in chapter one of the book, watching Eros as he attempts to escape his predators.

While she has something of an attitude, I find Kenrya to be a fascinating character. Her earliest memories are of an Arlian that abused her. Her parents abandoned her with him and she has no recollection of them. She ran away at a young age and grew up on the streets of Caldot. Unlike the other four marked teens, she’s grown up without immediate family.

Kenrya’s challenges have shaped who she is. She has a strong personality and isn’t one to messRed Wings around with what she sees as nonsense. As you can see in the picture drawn by Heather McCray, her ears curve up at the tip and have a series of feathery-like pieces from midpoint to top along the back. She’s a fierce fighter and could easily be a strong ally, if her attitude doesn’t get in the way.

But, of course, then there’s the odd smell….