About The Miyran Heir Series

I’m often asked what my book, The Journey of the Marked, is about. As this is the first book in The Miyran Heir series, I find it difficult to talk about one without the other. So, I thought I’d share some background on the underlying premise of the series.

BooksAs a starting part, let me share a little bit about my interests. I love fantasy/sci-fi, mysteries, and culturally-focused biographies. Fantasy/sci-fi stimulates my imagination. I like thinking about what could be and creating unique backdrops and possibilities. Mysteries provide a problem that needs to be solved, which intrigues me. Finally, I’m fascinated by cultural differences and the why behind cultural traditions. Influences from each of these can be found in my series.

At the very core of my story is valuing differences. I created a world where individuals are generally accepted regardless of appearance or belief. Each individual has different strengths and weaknesses, but each can contribute to the resolution of conflict or issues. However, not all of the characters see unique traits as a positive and part of the story explores certain characters’ struggles to accept who they are.

What goes hand in hand with differences? Persecution. Instead of the forms to which we’re accustomed (race, religion), I like the idea of playing with persecution based on age. It’s certainly not dissimilar to persecution based on race or religion; yet, I think it’s interesting to contemplate.

In addition, I also wanted the story to be fun to read. Most of my characters are different species, but you’ll find their day-to-day issues are consistent with those we face here on Earth. You can easily find yourself lost in the journey and the various trials the marked ones face. You can laugh at their antics and cringe when the bad guys are close. Of course, all with a focus on solving the key question presented: Who is the next Miyran Heir?

Please note that there are a large number of characters and species in the series. You can download copies of the following helpful documents here:

The Journey of the Marked

Glossary of Species and Characters         Glossary of Locations         Map of Zolei

Additional information on Species (in progress):

Arlian           Bruner          Gaela          Graelith          Greot

Human          Hurfen            Ilacious        Jirlt               Krystic

Liput             Miyran          Plinte           Raptan          Sharmuse

Skurk           Thelios         Tyrnott

Additional information on Characters (in progress):

The Marked    

Eros              Kenrya         Tip                 Prizene         Azetan