A little more background…

When I returned to writing a handful of years ago, I wrote for myself. I started with a general concept for a story, but without a fully fleshed out plot. The more my story evolved, the more I began to realize that others might enjoy it. I finally reached a turning point and committed myself to writing a series.

Red WingsWhat’s fascinating, even to me, is that my story quickly became an epic adventure. The world I’ve created holds a varied and interesting cast of species and characters. However, I recognize that it’s hard to keep track of everyone, especially with gaps between novels. In an effort to assist my readers, I’m creating something of an encyclopedia on my webpage. I’m avoiding spoilers and including unique facts and backgrounds.

If you have a question not addressed in a post, please ask. As well, I’m creating pages for each post, which are indexed on the About the Series page for ease of use. Happy Reading!